Watercolor Art Critique Seminar

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The artist’s studio can be a creative but sometimes solitary place. Many artists work without the benefit of feedback, fellowship and, very often, solace. Unbiased critique is essential to artistic growth and finding a trusted source can be a particular challenge. Professional critique will provide you with evaluation of your work and give feedback and direction to take your art to the next level. The Watercolor Art Critique Seminar is here to connect you with that expertise. Now you can get professional advice to not only improve your watercolor painting skills but aid you with your design knowledge including composition, color and paint pigments choices.

Award winning artist, Lynn Hosegood will provide the professional guidance you may have looking for. Lynn will provide dialog, feedback and, using Photoshop to illustrate her advice, provide you with recommendations and specific guidance to take your work to the next level.

Start Date:

May 20, 2014

Course Length:

4 weeks




Lynn Hosegood (bio)

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What can I expect from the Watercolor Art Critique Seminar?

  • An overall evaluation of your art work’s strengths and weakness with keys to why you may not be getting the satisfaction or recognition you desire.
  • You will receive specific comments on 3 images submitted for the initial critique and response to your goals.
  • Extensive and personal one-on-one feedback from a professional artist, including specific feedback on your work illustrated by the use of Photoshop.
  • Exchanges are private unless your permission is given to share with all participants.
  • An opportunity to share with other students who are maybe experiencing the same creative problems
  • Expert technical back up provided by ANU Student Services

Who should take this course:

  • Beginning, intermediate, and advanced artists who wish to have their work critiqued by an expert artist.

What type of work can I submit?

The Watercolor Art Critique Seminar is designed to evaluate watercolor paintings. The guidance would benefit those artists who have chosen a specific subject matter and wish to explore and expand on their creative process.


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