Underpainting the Glow in Watercolor

Take your watercolors to the next level by mastering glazing of your underpaintings to produce lively, rich and glowing paintings that have depth and color interplay. Underpainting is the process of applying numerous glazes of different hues of paint, one on top of another, to achieve a depth of color that is not achievable with any other method of application. Glazing in watercolor requires that the individual layers of paint dry before each successive layer is applied. Because of watercolor’s transparent properties, the paint mixes optically, as opposed to the hue being mixed on the paper or palette. A shimmering, almost iridescent look materializes, grabbing the attention of the viewer in a way that other methods of application can not.Once your underpainting is produced, local color can be applied. The glazed underpainting will continue to be visible, giving the local color a vibrant, glowing finish. This course will utilize a floral image, however, the technique is useful for virtually any subject matter, including portraits, landscape, still life and even abstracts. Join our class today and start putting into practice the traditional and relevant technique of glazing your underpaintings and have the description ‘glowing’ associated with your work.

Underpainting the Glow in Watercolor
  • Intermediate watercolorists with a background in painting
  • Advanced watercolorists looking to brush up their underpainting approach
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Course Runs Nov 4th 2014 - Nov 28th 2014
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