Terry Crane

Online Art Class: The Beginner’s Guide to Drawing Faces

Check back soon to see when this course will be offered again. Click here to see a list of currently available courses. A unique 2-week course from Artist’s Network University, specifically for those who want to learn how do draw a face step by step & don’t have the time to devote to a full 4-week course on drawing faces! Learn how to draw faces with 1-to-1 feedback & instruction from professional artist Terry Crane. You’ll discover the tools professional sketch artists rely on for drawing realistic faces & the … View


Colored Pencil Techniques: Scumbling

Colored pencil is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use mediums around and North Light Books author Ann Kullberg is one of the best. She regularly critiques student work at her website . Here is an excerpt from her most recent North Light Book, Colored Pencil Secrets for Success, which features personal critique sessions. The scumbling technique offers a ton of control and very smooth, even application where you don’t see any strokes at all. Use a very sharp pencil, turning it often to keep the point sharp, and apply the … View


Art Journaling Classes, Workshops and More

By Cathy Johnson   Art Journalist and teacher Gay Kraeger and Christina Lopp have taught watercolor journaling together for 12 years. “I always loved the idea of an illustrated journal, but I had all sorts of excuses not to draw and paint,” Kraeger says. “When Christina came home from a trip to Europe, she shared her journal with me. It captured her trip wonderfully, and I was inspired to go out and buy paints and a small book. I started the next day. “For tools, my main criteria are portability. … View